How Order Synchronization works

If you got a Shopify order that has at least one product synced with Taobao via Dropast, it will be instantly synced and shown in your Dropast account.


  1. If the automatic payment setting is not activated, the first step is to pay the Taobao product cost, which does not include the international shipping fee, by going to the order detail page and clicking "Pay" and confirming the payment.
  2. Then, we promptly purchase the product from the Taobao seller, who will ship it to our warehouse.

You'll receive an email notification for each phase, including domestic shipping tracking, which shows the product transit from the Taobao seller to our warehouse, so you'll always know how your order is going.

When the product arrives in our warehouse, we unpack it, inspect it for compliance with the Taobao product page, remove any Chinese materials, and, if the order does not include any other products, repack it in a white label package inserting your store logo and thank you card if the setting is enabled in your Dropast account, otherwise, we'll wait for all of the order's products to arrive at our warehouse before combining them within one shipping package. The package is then sized and weighed, and you are notified via mail.


  1. As with the product cost payment, you can select the carrier from the available options and pay for it by going to the order detail page.
  2. After that, we'll ship the package to your customer via the carrier of your choice, and you'll receive the international tracking number within 24 hours, and your Shopify store will be instantly marked as fulfilled with the international tracking associated with it.