How to set Shipping fee in Shopify

Offering free shipping is the best way to start and scale a dropshipping business.

Assume we wish to sell a product with free shipping to the United States, Italy, and Australia. Based on our business strategy we must plan to select one carrier available in Dropast that meets our needs, for each country.


  1. Go to Dropast and select United States as the destination - we can plan to use "General special Line" (A).
  2. Let's use the same approach for Italy, where we can plan to use the carrier "Italy Special Line", and Australia, where we can plan to use the carrier "Australia Special Line" as an example.

Open now the google spreadsheets ( click here ) or download the excel file (click here)


  1. Fill in the product name and product variant name in the relevant labels if you want and select your currency, just for reference.
  2. Scroll down to the United States, choose the carrier planned to use, as well as the delivery time, and write the relevant shipping fee. Do the same for Italy and Australia

The choice of currency, carrier, and delivery time is optional.

After that all countries are filled in, by scrolling to the top of the file, and checking the column "H", you can view the minimum fee, maximum, and average shipping fees. The suggestion is to use the average shipping fee as a guideline amount to add to your product, rather than the maximum fee, because, using the maximum fee might result in an excessively high product selling price.

Enabled now the free shipping in your Shopify store.


  1. Go to Settings, then Shipping & Delivery, and then "Manage rates".
  2. Scroll to the "Not shipping from" section and click "Add rates" near the Dropast Fulfillment option, then click "Done" in the popup that appears.
  3. Click now "Create Shipping Zone" next to "Shipping to" and set a zone name, such as "International Zone".
  4. Then, select the United States, Italy, and Australia and confirm the selections by clicking "Done".
  5. Finally, click "Add rate", enter a rate name, such as "Free shipping," leave the price at 0.00, and click "Done."