How to Know Shipping Fee and estimated Delivery time

We can guarantee you that our fee and service are unique in the market. Naturally, there are other services that claim to offer better and cheaper shipping fees, but you need to know where the lie is.

All of these services overcharge for package weight and size, charging you more than you should. So, by comparing our calculator to another, you may be able to find a different service with a lower fee calculator, but the weight and size stated at the time of international shipment will be larger, making the comparison between the calculators unreliable. Our first concern is professional ethics, and we will never engage in any of these fraudulent activities.

Furthermore, our mission is to undersize any shipment while always keeping product safety in mind. While, when comparing the shipping fee of the same product on Aliexpress, keep in mind that the carriers used by Aliexpress sellers are generally postal services with long estimated delivery times, and you will not be able to customize your package with your store's logo and thank you card, nor will you be able to combine multiple products in the same package for the same order, and there will be no automatic synchronization.

First Option

The first option is to utilize our simple, easy, and quick shipping "calculator" which you may use if you know at least the product's weight.


  1. Simply select the "Calculator" option and enter in the weight and, if desired, the size. The estimation will be more reliable if you provide the size since many international carriers charge based on volumetric size, which means that if the volume is greater than the weight, the fee will be based on the volume. Keep in mind that this is an international carriers-imposed rule, not a Dropast decision.
  2. Then, click "Calculate" and select the Country destination to see the possible carrier, estimated delivery time, and shipping fee.

As a recommendation, if you are providing the product weight, raise it by 50 grams and each size by 2 or 3 centimeters, resulting in a near-detailed fee that includes the shipping packaging.

Second Option

If you don't know the product's weight, the second option is to submit a request to our dedicated team, who can provide the international shipping fees for Taobao products on-demand after requesting these details from the Taobao seller.


  1. Simply choose "Taobao or Tmall Product" and enter the Taobao or Tmall product URL before clicking "view product".
  2. Once the product has been loaded into Dropast, click the "package icon" and confirm the submission.

There is nothing else you need to do. We will ask the seller to provide us with the product weight and size, taking into consideration the product package. We usually receive these details within three working days, and once we got, we'll send you an email with a link that, if clicked, will take you to the product page, where you can choose any country and know about the available international carriers, estimated delivery times, and shipping fees.