How to Manually Synchronize a Shopify Product with Taobao

If you already have products in your Shopify store, you can simply sync them with Taobao using Dropast.


  1. To begin, go to the "Products" section.
  2. Click the "eye" button and depending on whatever Shopify product variant you wish to sync click "Connect".
  3. Then, in the popup that appears, enter the Taobao or Tmall product URL and click "Connect Product".

The page will be refreshed after a few seconds.

To complete:

  1. Click the "Synchronize" button and choose the Taobao product variant that has to be synched with the Shopify product variant in the popup that appears.
  2. Then, click "Synchronize," which will reload the page and complete the sync.

Your Shopify variant product is now synchronized with the Taobao variant product.

Product Status

Not Synchronized:

Meaning that the Shopify product is not synchronized between Taobao and Shopify.

Partially Synchronized:

Meaning that there are still Shopify product variants not synced with Taobao. Keep in mind that syncing all Shopify product variants isn't mandatory.


Meaning that all Shopify product variants are synchronized between Taobao and Shopify.

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