How to Import Taobao Products to Shopify

To add a product from Taobao to your Shopify store, you must first add it to your Dropast List.

First Method


  1. Go to the "Import" section, enter the URL of the Taobao or Tmall product into the "Import Product" field.
  2. Click "Import Product".

After a few seconds, the product will appear. Have in mind that all contents are automatically translated from Chinese to English, and all values are converted from RMB to the currency of your Shopify store.

  • Cost: is just related to the Taobao product cost and does not include any local or international fees.
  • Local shipping: determined by the Taobao seller and not by Dropast, to ship the product from the Taobao seller to the Dropast warehouse location.
  • Fee: related to the Dropast purchase handling service, which is always just 10% of the Taobao product cost and then completely in line with the Chinese agents market average.
  • Quantity: quantity of products available at the time of import.

To add the product to your List and then edit and import it into your Shopify store, simply click the "Add to List" button.

Second Method


  1. Install the Dropast chrome extension from the Chrome web store - click here
  2. Click "Add to Chrome", confirm it from the popup, wait till Chrome adds the extension and lastly pin it.

When you're on a product page on Taobao or Tmall you will have the opportunity to write the Shopify store name with Dropast app installed and click "Import Product" from the popup extension. After clicking the "Import Product" button, wait until the popup indicates that importing has begun and then proceed to import further products if desired.

Once you've added a Taobao product to your Dropast List, you can import it into your Shopify store.


  1. To begin, go to the "List" section and select the "Export" button to start editing the title, assigning a collection, type, tag, and edit product description.
  2. You can edit the option name and value and choose which product variants to import in your Shopify store.
  3. You can also set a bulk fixed selling price or a multiple value selling price, based on the sum of "Cost", "Local Shipping" and "Fee".
  4. And, moreover, you can also set a bulk fixed compare at pice or a multiple value compare at price, based on the "Selling Price".
  5. You may also choose the product image you want to export.

After that, simply click "Add to Store" and then "Import." Your product will be imported into your Shopify store in a matter of seconds.